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Providing You with State and Nationally Certified Course Material

“After witnessing the professionalism and expertise of the staff at GTC, I am honored to have met them and they’re absolutely recommended!”
Aaron M.
“Had the opportunity to train with this group, all I can say is AMAZING!”
Brandi D.
“Awesome training. 80% Hands on scenario based.”

Kiohud S.

Our Proven Process, Produces Confident Results

1. Compressed Classroom

Our goal is to provide the most concise and relevant material possible, in the shortest amount of time, giving you the information that’s most important to your safety and success

2. Hand-on, High Fidelity Didactics

Classroom lessons keep you active and engaged with many hands-on exercises that will be sure to prevent “death by PowerPoint.” Consistent repetitions in critical skills is how we guide you to success

3. Principle-based Tactics

Tactics and techniques that are dynamic and fluid. There’s no “one right way” or dedicated path to success. It’s a thinking man’s game. We’ll help you see things from a different, safer perspective

4. “Low-stress” Practicals

Instructors will guide you through each aspect of the mission, in a low-stress environment. We want you to hone & sharpen those skills. Our team will help build your confidence and abilities

5. Full-scale “Real World” Scenarios

By replicating the most “real world” conditions as possible, we’ll challenge you, both mentally & physically, and push you way out of your comfort zone. Our goal is to make you “combat effective”